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Ashley Benson and the Urban Wave
As sultry as long hair is, and as cute as a pixie can be, there’s something special about medium length hair. It can look edgy, but there’s always a soft air hanging around it. The way it falls just past the chin and touches the shoulders has its own airy and light feel emanating from it… maybe I’m just being overly dramatic here, but it’s true! The other day I was looking through photos for new hairstyles and I came across an amazing cut to express exactly what I mean. Ashley Benson, the talented actress from Pretty Little Liars, has traded in her long curly blonde locks for one’s that are just a bit shorter, and it looks absolutely stunning.
More: shorthairstyles.xyz/ashley-benson-and-the-urban-wave/
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Ashley Benson and the Urban Wave As sultry as lon

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