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@science-technology-news | 1 Aug 18 - 01:20

If the world is flat, Mars is straight?
In recent times, news about the Earth being flat has been made so often and a lot of assertions have been made.
We (those like myself and me) who have encountered such news have begun to get bored after a while, although we had a bit of fun, but unfortunately it did not come to the end of these claims and news.

So I think it's time to make this a little more fun.
If we can not get rid of this situation, we can shape it according to ourselves.

So, science and space information is only "silent in the face of Mars" to silence those who can not pass beyond the "Earth is right, America is deceiving us" condemnation. we can ask.

I'm sure they will have an answer for him. As a result, those who are engaged in space research as hobby are these plain-minded people. We are the naive people that America fools.

Is the Moon straight?
I have already asked this question from the internet and received a very surprising answer. At least I was surprised to get such an answer from him. The Moon is round as far as he says! So much so that he could not believe, "Are you sure?" I asked.
"Yes," he said. (Wow!)

When we look at the Moon or Mars with a telescope, we can definitely see that it is round. The sun and other planets are the same.
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, even 'Pluto' even round. We can see them with telescopes and take pictures. So they do not have a straight line, but they can not believe the Earth because they can not see it with their own eyes, and they believe in the premium kans.

We can also see them all spinning around the Sun. "Or a flame ball that looks like the Sun ..."
After all, our world's own sun is hovering on its own.
"We are not going to turn around a separate sun like those planets, right?" ;)

As additional information, we are astronauts who could selfie on Mars at the latest in 2030.
Calm down cowboys, no exit from Earth ... :)

The world is flat? Moon is flat? Mars is flat? Turkey is flat?


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