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New generation hidden camera smartphones.
Mobile devices continue to evolve without slowing down. Our grandfather had just started using camera phones and color screen phones without touching the touchscreen phones, and touchscreen phones came into our lives while they were about to adjust to them.

People's interest increased and competition grew as demand increased, and designers did not settle for it and enlarged the screens. The screens were so wide and growing that they did not fit into the size of the handheld, and they did not settle for it, and the gaps left under and above the screen started sinking and they started designing full-screen mobile phones.

They are the ...

Notch phones
Apart from the front camera on the top of the screen and the handset (loudspeaker) needed for voice conversation, the front of the phone was completely covered with the screen and the frame was well scaled. Like the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8.

But most people did not like the 'notch' (upper space) left for this camera and handset. As a result, companies (Vivo and Huawei) who wanted to get rid of this also began to think about removing the front camera from the screen, and the solution was a hidden front camera idea.

How will the hidden camera be?
Accordingly, the camera will be hidden at one corner of the screen and the camera will come out of the phone by pressing a key placed next to the sound on / off keys or on the top of the phone. Or when the camera application is turned on in the phone, the hidden camera will turn itself on and use will be ready.

Not only does it take up space on the screen, but it also seems necessary to provide user privacy.

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