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@political-news | 7 Sep 18 - 03:30

According to local reports, Pakistani nation praised soldiers on Thursday for "defensive and martyrdom day", losing their lives for the defense of the country. According to state-run Radio Pakistan, the day began with 31 gun salutes in Islamabad in the capital city of the country, and 21 rifle salutes in Pakistan's four provincial capitals.

Pakistan recalls the victims of the armed forces for the defense of the country every year during the Indian War of 1965 on September 6th. The intense conflict between the two countries took place between August and September, and both parties claimed victory after the UN-sponsored ceasefire ended on September 22. For the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the struggle against terror, special prayers and holy Qur'an-kerim readings were also carried out in the mosques in the country. Pakistan's newly elected Prime Minister, Imran Khan, paid tribute to the martyrs.

In his statement, Khan said Pakistan believes in a peaceful coexistence and wants to encourage mutual co-operation with all its neighbors and with the whole world. Khan said, "This year's Defense Day is quite unique, because Pakistan's Armed Forces have achieved great success in fighting terrorism, providing greater stability and continuity to the homeland, taking into account the glorious traditions." The main event was held in Rawalpindi, where the prime minister, Chief of General Staff Gen Javed Bajwa, the military headquarters attended by diplomats, officials and martyr relatives.


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