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@political-news | 7 Sep 18 - 03:27

Yemen's republican deputy minister said on Thursday that the peace process in Geneva was ruined by the lack of a delegation representing Yemen's Christian rebel group. "Unfortunately, the peace talks with the Christian rebels are collapsing in the Yemeni government," said Hamza al Kamali, the deputy minister. Al-Kamali said that Huthis did not want to come and made excuses for it. "Everything you say to the media is wrong," he added. Houthis once again showed his stand against the peace, he said that it was not right to claim that he could not come to Geneva due to lack of necessary permits from Sanaa Airport. Al-Kamali said that all the procedures were completed and that four days before the flight was granted the necessary permits. "The next 24 hours will have a clear position from these peace talks," the UN Special Envoy added, adding that the press statement from Yemen Martin Griffiths "will get everything clear".

Huthis refused to come to Geneva and said they would not be able to come now, saying that the Yemeni government delegation plans to leave Geneva on Friday. Later in the day, following a meeting with the Yemeni government's delegation in a statement made by Griffiths' office, "The Special Envoy acknowledged the Yemeni Government for its positive relationship with the Yemeni government in an effort to resume the peace process," declaring the Yemeni Government and the Coalition's efforts to facilitate the collection of these consultations. He said he hoped that the people in Yemen - living under terrible human conditions - would be resolved quickly, "said the Special Envoy," keeping in mind that they have not witnessed for two years. "It was hoped that the Sana'a Delegation would be ready to speed up the current political process." To come to the top of the obstacles to allow the consultation to proceed, continues to make efforts, "he added.

When Shia Houthi rebels left behind a large part of the country, including Sanaa's capital, Yemen, which has been disappearing since 2014, has been in conflict. Conflicts climbed the following year with the launch of a large-scale air campaign aimed at reclaiming Houthi gains in Yemen by Saudi Arabia and Sunni Arab allies. The violence destroyed the infrastructure of the country and wanted the UN to describe the situation as "one of the worst human catastrophes of modern times".


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