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The coast of California has been occupied by pirates!
The coast of California has been occupied by pirates! The biggest 'pirate' festival in the western part of the USA was held in Long Beach, California.
The largest 'pirate' festival was held in Long Beah, California, USA, with thousands of pirates participating. During the festival, a camp site was set up reflecting sword fights, treasure hunts, marine girls, as well as the time the pirates lived.

Seventy years ago, the festival attracted the attention of history and fantasy enthusiasts from all ages and concerts were held between 1660 and 1730, the period when pirates became the most active in the Caribbean.

Pirate-themed plays were played and books were read in the stages set for children.
In the festival, you can also enjoy treasures from folk games; many activities performed on the players who played famous pirates from the acrobats enabled them to spend an unforgettable minute. Over two thousand visitors came to the festival for two days.


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