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@political-news | 30 Jul 18 - 19:08

Will the dollar rise against the Turkish Lira? Or will it fall?
A question that everyone is curious about whether or not they are related to the economy.
Will the dollar fall or rise?

The Turkish lira has continued to depreciate against the dollar for many years. The causes of this are increasing terrorist incidents, coup attempts, political disputes and inadequate production. Especially mobile phone, computer, television and so on. With almost all of the rise in dollar received from abroad in Turkey, where the technological devices the prices of these products has reached the level that would blow her lips. The main reason for this is the fact that many of the producers in the field, especially technology, are in the position of consumers and the exports are insufficient compared to imports.

Shuan expects that the dollar will gain more value in the face of the Turkish Lira, as economists will take account of explanations and comments from the people of the country. Of course the government will continue its efforts to prevent this rise. An example of Eid al-Fitr as a result of the decision to increase interest rates before the Republic of Turkey Central Bank fell from 4.7000 levels to 4.5000 level, but he had continued to rise after. So, one up and down fluctuations will continue, but the year-end expectation is that the dollar will go above TL 5. The government should take faster and more decisive steps in this matter and the Turkish people should also avoid domestic production support and imported products.

Currently 1 Dollar = 4,6014 Turkish Liras (as of 27 June 2018 - 20:33)

Dollar Does Not Rise Against Turkish Lira
The rise of the dollar continues to threaten not only the Turkish Lira but also other developing countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Georgia, Iran and Venezuela.

When is the best time to exchange dollars?
It is very difficult to predict what happens in the economy and exchange rates. That is why everything that is said is based only on comments and probabilities. So, if I can not say anything definite right now, it can be said that the dollar is expected to rise above TL 5 by the end of the year. I warn you to be cautious just in case.

Do you think the dollar will continue to rise, or will the government stop shortly? How high will it rise? If you specify in the comment section...


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