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24 June Presidential and parliamentary election results!
Who will win the June 24th presidential election on June 9? I published an article in which I made my own predictions as a result of the information and researches that I have been given as to what the result of the election will be. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan seems to have a presidential seat with 52.59%, at the end of the article and at the end of the writing and if he will look at the uncertain results yesterday. Although we do not know the exact results yet, we all know that these uncertain outcomes will not change much.

In the case of AKP deputies, it seems to have declined. The AK Party, which received 42.56% of the vote alone, will continue to hold the government largely in its possession with an 11.1% alliance of the MHP. The AKP won the right to receive 295 of 600 deputies to enter the meclise.

There is a bit of a loss of votes on the part of the MHP. So much so that the MHP and the AKP will continue to coexist smoothly in the new sovereignty. The MHP was entitled to receive 49 of the 600 deputies to enter the meclise.

How was the situation on the side of CHP and Muharrem Sine?
Muharrem Even though he did not win the election, he said that he got a 30.64% vote alone and got a good success as a result of 2 months of work without getting support from another party. The CHP lost 22.64% of the vote in the election of the deputies. The number of deputies of the CHP in parliament is 146.

Meral Akşener and İYİ Party rose well.
The GOOD Party, which entered its first election and achieved a great success, has seized 9.95% of the vote, according to unofficial results, seats 43 parliament members. Meral Akşener was very confident that he was going to be on the second round and could only win 7,29% votes.

HDP and Selahattin Demirtas
Selahattin Demirtas, who won 9,76% of the presidential elections in 2014, could have received 8,4% of the votes in this election. Selahattin Demirtaş, who is in prison but not falling from the agenda, is seen as one of the factors that lose votes.

Now everybody is wondering about YSK's official covenants and how the government will follow.

Note: The voting rates mentioned above are taken from Anadolu Agency and are yet to be determined by YSK. After certain consequences are revealed, there may be a slight decrease or increase in rates.

How was the 2014 presidential election results?
Erdogan became president by taking only 51.79% against Selahattin Demirtaş and Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, who were two competitors in the 2014 presidential election. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu (MHP and CHP's common roof candidate) was second with 38.44%, while Selahattin Demirtas was third with 9,76%. Of course, the support of the Grand Unity Party (BBP) and the Free Dava Party (HUDA-PAR) in Erdogan can not be ignored.

Now is the time to comment on your thoughts. Did the results sound like you expected? What surprised or excited you?


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