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@political-news | 30 Jul 18 - 11:49

Due to the early elections, the price of military service has come to the agenda!
This is a subject that the "millions" of people wanting to do military service is curiously waiting for. Especially from the social gatherers "Will the price of the soldier be paid?" are often asked by government officials.

These questions were frequently asked before the election decision, and since we were in the situation of the OHAL, we were concerned about the Syrian problem, and on the other hand, we were attacking terrorism and because we had survived a coup attempt, the authorities said that there was a need for a soldier for Shan.

After the early election, the parties started to show up in the squares and tried to step forward by explaining their promises one by one. Of course, one of the most important of these is the issue of military service. So much so that there were more than 5 million soldiers who had been in the fugitive state, who had been deported or waiting abroad for foreign currency military service.

Will the payroll be released?
Shortly before the government spokesman Bekir Bozdağ said that the conditions of military service should be determined according to the needs of TAF.

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım explained "The first thing to do after the election is the big issue, the priority issue of the new government".

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan commented on the issue: "Mr. Prime Minister made a statement on this issue of military service, and if it is not possible to enter this business immediately after 24 June, we must be sensitive. We have to work with the soldiers. we will take the step with the best. "

What is the price of a salary / price and what are the conditions?
There is no clear information about this issue yet, but it is possible to make an approximation when we look back.
30 thousand TL in 2011, 2014 was determined as 18 thousand TL. Now there are rumors that there might be around 20 thousand TL, but if the number of waiters is too high, the price that everyone wants is 15 thousand TL.
In the past, the age limit was 28 years old, now 25 years is demanded intensively.

What is your anticipation of the law of military service? How should the system be, how should the age be determined, and what elements should be considered? In the comment section you can specify...


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