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@political-news | 30 Jul 18 - 00:55

24 June What is the choice? What Happens?
Now we have a choice. June 24th election. I would like to explain a few topics for those who do not know it first and who will vote for the first time.

June 24th general election or local election?
We will vote for the general election on 24 June. In this election, we will have two votes, one for the presidency and the other for the election of a deputy. The election of the deputies will help us choose the deputies who will represent us in the province we are in. Of course, you do not know that these parliamentary candidates are independent of a party. Because of this, people prefer to be partisans of MPs in their opinion, and the game gives them accordingly. So the deputies you will vote will determine the government that will direct you. The president has already turned to a partisan presidential period, that is, he is elected a deputy, and in the presidential election, the president will stand up as a candidate for his party.

How many Presidential candidates, who are these?
In this election, we will have 6 presidential candidates. Some of them are candidates for their own party alone. Some will be confronted as common candidates for more than one party. I will shortly specify the candidates for the presidency and the election moves together with the parties they are affiliated with.

1. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan : Candidate for the "Presidential Alliance", where the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) are partners. The current President.

2. Muharrem İnce : Republican People's Party (CHP) candidate. Deputy of the Yalova city.

3. Selahattin Demirtaş : Democratic Party of Peoples (HDP) candidate. A deputy from Istanbul. Prior to his arrest, he was the chairman of the HDP.

4. Meral Akşener : İYİ Party (İP) candidate. İYİ Party leader.

5. Temel Karamollaoğlu : Felicity Party (SP) candidate. Chairman of the Felicity Party.

6. Doğu Perinçek : Candidate for the Homeland Party. Vatan Party leader.

There is one more detail in this list. That detail is that several parties entering the election are actually in an alliance. It is already written that the AKP and the MHP form an alliance under the name of the Presidential Alliance.
The other is the Millet Alliance formed by CHP + İP + SP.

In parliamentary elections, the parties will be elected one by one. MHP + AKP will not join the election of a deputy on behalf of only one party. This is also true for others.

But under the name of political moves parties can support each other. We saw the closest example of this in the previous general elections in partnership of the MHP and the CHP. CHP, the MHP, the rate of vote is high in the MHP's support for the win, the MHP would do the opposite for the CHP and so did.

What are the developments in the election for the presidential election?
If the AKP, which has the highest percentage of votes for shan, gets 50% + 1 votes in the first round, the election will be won without the need for the second round. If the 50% can not be passed and the election is held in the second round, the person with the highest vote against Erdogan will be supported by the Treaty of the Nation Alliance. I guess that person will also be Slightly Slight. Meral Akşener, M. Because it does not seem to get much votes before. In this case, İP + SP + CHP will support Muharrem İnceyi against Erdogan. Of course, the views of the Vatan Party and the fans of the HDP will be important. In the second round, these parties may again decide to either support themselves or support someone close to their own views. If so, I will vote for the HDP Millet Alliance. Recently, the relationship with AKP is not very good.

In my next article I will try to write about who is closer to winning in the direction of my own knowledge and research.
Happy Days...


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