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@political-news | 30 Jul 18 - 00:48

What makes people bad? Why is man good or bad?
In the previous (first) writing, "I saw different people from different backgrounds, some good, some bad, everyone loves the good, but the bad is not very good. It would be better if I explain it in detail on my blog. " I had a talk in the form of. I will elaborate on her a bit and try to explain her point of view.

First of all, we can not take people clearly or with a sharp line as good or bad. What really matters is how close you are to these boundaries. So instead of saying black and white, we're talking about the interstices here. The people we say are good, but they can do bad things against others. Or instead of doing a great evil to one person, you can do a little bit of evil to each of them. Anyway, that's not what I want to say, but that's something.

What I really want to say is what makes a person bad, insensitive, aggressive. Who do we blame here, that person or those who make it? I will not condemn the offenders here, I will not say not to punish them, of course. "If you do not punish those who commit the crime, you will be the ones who will not be able to commit crimes." You are right.

Now think of a man, he was born and raised in a troubled family. Let's assume that the region where you live is not a very smooth region, and let's call this person the person.
Let's also consider a B person who is born and raised in a proper, uncompromising and happy family and whose level of welfare and crime is low. If we compare these two, which is more likely to commit crime, violence or lying, I'm pretty sure that almost everyone's answer will be the same.

The answer is of course A person.
Okay but why? Does this person have these behaviors on purpose? If we had changed the positions of these two, would not B be in trouble this time from birth? Yes, when they grow older, they say they will be free-spirited and can distinguish between bad and good. But what and by whom? Again for themselves. One of the most beautiful words that have been said in this sense is "Do not get hurt before you die".

For example, let us think about ourselves. How good are we, how bad are we? If we were good, did we really do it and we were successful? Or is it completely confined to the environment like the dough? I did not choose the cities where my dad constantly moved us, the schools I went to, the teachers, my friends in ever-changing cities. I do not have the chance to pre-select my bosses and my colleagues at the places I work. And that's what I'm all about and more that influences my psychology and brings me to this confusion. I know who I was born and raised in a single neighborhood, and maybe I could be worse than the present. Maybe I could have been better. Maybe richer or poorer.

Who knows...


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