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Who is Ulug Bey, a Turkish mathematician and astronomer scholar?
Ulug Bey, the 4th sultan of the Timur Empire and a scholar of Turkish mathematician and astronomy. The son of Timur's son Shahruh. He was born in 1393 in Sultaniye. His real name was Muhammad Taragay and he was called as "Ulug Bey" because he was liked by Timur.

Turkish scientist Ulug Bey, who lived in the years 1393-1449, calculated the full round of the earth around the sun 365 days 6 hours 9 minutes 9 seconds.

It is seen that the accounts of Uluğ Bey with the accounts made with the modern devices of the 21st century correspond exactly.

Who is Ulug Bey, a Turkish mathematician and astro

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