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Visually impaired people dream?
(First of all, I apologize for my inadequate English.)
Research results show that all people can dream. In other words, the visually impaired can also dream. As everyone can predict, people who lose their eyesight develop their senses in time. It is even called by some experts as "super sense". Visually-impaired people experience the sensations of smell, sound and touch in their dreams through the things they perceive in daily life. In other words, the dreams they see as people may not contain visual elements. This is about when they are blind.

If a person who is visually impaired has lost his vision before the age of 5 (including congenital disability), there is no visual element in his dream. Of course, very few exceptions have been found. In a report published in the Netherlands in 1928, six elementary school students who lost their vision before the age of five were told that there were very few visual elements in their dreams. But if a human is born from sight blindness, his dreams certainly do not contain visuality. There may or may not be visuals in the dreams of a person between the ages of 5-7 when he loses sight. That's a bit of a recollection. A person who loses sight after seven years of age can see images in his dream in proportion to how much he sees and how much he sees.

In short, visually impaired people can also dream. Those who lose their vision when they are younger than 5 years of age, or who are less than 5 years old, have dreams in a different experience than those who see it as visual and not touch. Those who are older than 5 years of age and lose their sense of vision can see dreams with visual elements depending on their age and the multitude of things they see...
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Visually impaired people dream? (First of all, I

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