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1- In February 1979, it was a field snow colony.
2- In the United States, one or more of the Negro men, aged between 20 and 29, are held in jail or in prison.
3- On an open night, a few thousand years to see the gypsy.
4- Albert Einstein could not speak as well as nine years of age.
5- 40 people die in cancer in America every hour.
6- The first cd to be sold in America is the album "Born in Theusa" by Bruce springsteen.
7- In 1987, American Airlines made a profit of 40 thousand dollars by removing one olives from each tray in the breakfast they offered to passengers.
8- The lions may love 50 times a day.
9- Horses have more than 18 bones from humans.
10- The siphon waters of the toilets in Australia flow around the clock.
11- The entrances of the bear's insects always face the north.
12- President John F. Kenndy could read four newspapers in twenty minutes.
13- Baykus is the only one that can see the blue color.
14- Beethoven put his head in cold water before composing.
15- An Big Mac hamburger has an average of 178 sesame seeds.
16- When a glass breaks down, the crumbling parts surrender at a speed of about a thousand miles per hour.
17- The eye of a camel is larger than the brain.
18- An average 3350 hours of life of a male harcam to be.
19- After a bathbocean breaks off, he can live for nine days without suffering.
20- A person dribbles enough to fill two swimming pools throughout his life.
21- Tom sawyer is the first novel to be written on the typewriter.
22- Uranus is a planet that can be seen as a jeep.
23- While we are asleep, we spend more calories than we do while watching television.
In 1919 Elzie Crisler was created by Segar.
25 The first product with barcode on it is Wrigleys brand gum.
26- Venus is the only planet in the clock.
27- Virginia Woolf has written many of his books.
28- In order to be able to make half a pound of honey, the bees have to collect more than two million plumes.
29- The probability of being out of bed is one in two million.
30- Author Rudyard Kipling used only black murk.


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