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Hot water heavier than cold water.

A person loses an average of 22 kilograms of skin throughout his life.

The world's fastest growing bamboo grows up to 90 cm a day.

Although cockroaches have lived for nearly 250 million years, they have not undergone any change.

Most of the wars in the world are due to the purpose of seizing the natural resources.

Lions can make love 50 times a day.

The trace of each person's language is as different as the fingerprint.

All continent names start and end with the same letter of alphapet.

An adult bear can run as fast as a horse.

An average man spends 3350 hours of his life shaving.

One kilo of lemon has more sugar than a pound of strawberries.

One third of the world's obese population lives in developing countries.

No piece of paper can double up more than 7 times!

None of the casinos in Las Vegas have hours.


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