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Get rid of the smells!
The most practical ways to get rid of smell in daily life...

Melon scent
The melon smell in the refrigerator is extremely uncomfortable.
To get this done, you just need to put a napkin wet with doline vinegar.

Salty meal
If you missed your meal too much, put a few slices of raw potatoes on the bottom of the pot and cook it. Your meal will be drained.

Fishy smell
It is very difficult to remove the fish smell from your bark.
But if you wipe your knife thoroughly by putting a piece of black pepper on a dry cloth, it will come out immediately.

Dry before fish is cooked
It's a good idea to clean up after you've washed the fish to roast.
In this way, you will be able to make your fish better found in flour and eggs.

Dirty hands
Your hand may be contaminated with sticky material such as tar.
First, wipe it gently with petroleum jelly. Then wash with soap. No Katrandan trail.

Sludge spot
If the mud has not yet dried, it should be thoroughly dried in silk and wool fabrics.
Then the mud is brushed with a hard brush and vinegar is applied.

When ironing
To make ironing easier and reduce the time, place aluminum foil under the cover of the ironing table.
Ir reflects the heats and makes the ironing easier.

When you wash glass
If you put a little salt into the water while cleaning your windows, it will be cleaned more easily and it will be clean and sparkling.

Garlic smell
To remove the garlic smell from the hands, take some salt in your pouch and rub it lightly after gently moisturizing. Wash thoroughly with soap you will see that out of the garlic smell.

Bee and mosquito bite
Lightly moisten the cut sugar, lightly press on the inserted part, take the poison and prevent itching.

Get rid of the scent of sweat
To get rid of the bacteria that caused the sweaty smell, soak the cotton in a sugar-free, alcohol-based mouthwash and crawl under the armpits. But if you've just cleaned your underarms with razors, wait a day to try it.


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