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20 practical knowledge
20 essential information that will work in daily life

1- If your eyesight is too fast, insert a colorless nail drop in the hole where the screw will be inserted before attaching the screw. Install the screw like that.

2- If the shoes you buy are tightening your feet, hold them for a few minutes.

3- If you want to know your scissors, cut the sandpaper.

4- You can get rid of cigarette burns on the carpet by making circular movements with sandpaper on the burned areas.

5- When you change the places of the furniture, they leave a mark on the carpets. Put a piece of ice on the traces and wait for erimes to destroy these tracks. Then move the vacuum cleaner over. You will see that no trace is left.

6- Check that your zip fasteners are closed before putting them in the washing machine. If they are clear they can be damaged.

7- If the cups you put on top do not stick out, put them in a basin. Put ice in the top of the cup and add hot water slowly into the basin. You'll see that the cups come out easily.

8 - Apply the edible margarine on the label and leave for 15 minutes to get rid of the stickers on the plastic and glassware you buy. Rub with a rag and wash. There will be no spots or scratches on it.

9- Put aluminum foil under the cover of the ironing table to make ironing easier and reduce the time. Ir reflects the heats and makes the ironing easier.

10- If the cleaning of the cloth lugs is a problem, put the lugs inside a pillow case. Cover the mouth of the case and wash it in the washing machine. They will be new.

11- If you place orange, lemon and fruit particles of your choice in the compartments before filling your ice molds with water, you will get decorative ice.

12- If your feet are too hot and swollen, do not keep them in hot water for hours, but rub them with cologne. Your wrists and feet will not swell.

13- If your feet are very sensitive, if your complaints increase during hot weather, rub a few drops of olive oil every morning.

14- In order to prevent your cotton clothes from catching, stand in cold water for one night in the first wash, then wash and do not pull.

15- If you do not want your elbows and heels to harden, you will have a slice of lemon and a rub.

16- When you buy a new pan, first boil some vinegar inside. This will prevent your fries from sticking to the pan in the future.

17- Be friendly with the walnut. The fat inside is very useful for brain cells. Sugar patients are also recommended by experts because they lower blood sugar.

18- When you put your nail on your wall, stick a cross band on the place you mark it. It's a bush. So you have not cracked the plaster of the wall.

19- You can use the roasting oil several times. Throw a slice of bread into the hot oil to see if it is in use. You can use it if black stains are not forming on the bread.

20- Hold them overnight in salt water to easily open the shells of the walnuts. So they will not be scattered.

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