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The miracles of carbonate
Daily use of carbonates
You can easily tackle some things you have difficulty in daily life with carbonates...

Whether you sweep your family in your home or your silk, it starts to smell with time. The rug that you give to carpet washers is known to be washed with the worst chemical detergent, like car wash in places. However, you can do the following to remove the odor. Sprinkle over a couple of cups of carrots and wait for 1-2 hours, then thoroughly vacuum with a vacuum cleaner. There will be no artifacts from that bad smell in your room.

* You can not cope with the smell in your refrigerator. Take out all the food, wipe, sweep, dry, etc. If you do not want to deal with it, put a cup of tea in a corner of the refrigerator. Stir in 4-5 days. You will see that the bad smells are gone. It will also have a protective effect on the fruit vegetables you keep in the cupboard.

* Is the oil dripping on the carpet, the seat, the dress? Do not panic and attack the detergent! Because the detergent will open the color of the stain area and distort the color texture. Instead, place the carbonate over the oil stain and lightly moisten it. Wait for 1-2 hours and then wipe it off. There will be no artifacts from the oil stain. Because it becomes a natural soap that disassociates the carbonate oils that come with the water.

* Rub the marble and tiles of your kitchen countertop with lemonade and rinse. It is the most beautiful cleaner. Since no chemical detergent residue is left, you can put your fruit, your bread on it easily.

* Use lemon and carbonate instead of cream detergents for your dirty sinks. Pour the carbonate in the sink and rub it with lemon. You'll see both the dirt disappear and shine.

* In addition, pour a glass of carafe in the sink to unseal your blocked lavatory. Add 1 cup of vinegar and drain 2 liters of boiling water into the sink. The sinking sink will be opened.

* Pour the carbonate and pour the hot water into the pans and pots that hold the dip. You will not have difficulty cleaning in the morning.

* If you rub your rusty materials with carbonates, you will prevent corrosion.

* If you have darker things like porcelain, rub with lemonade. The color will be opened.

* In the same way, if you rub your silverware with the water you make into paste with water, the color will open and brighten.

* If your dresser has damp and musty odor and you do not like naphthalene odor, keep your cupboard in a jar with a mouth opener in the jar.

* Rinse the cabin windows with carbonate to clean the bathroom shower. Shower when you breathe easier.

* Whether your bathroom slippers are wooden or plastic, put on carbonates and take a shower. Both your slippers and your feet will feel comfortable. In this way, you will keep chemical cleaners away from your skin as the life of your woodblocks will be longer.

* Reduce the amount of detergent you use in your washing machine by half and complete the rest with carbonate. Your laundry will be cleaner and away from chemical wastes.

* Carbonate is very important for oral health and dental care. Brush your teeth with carbonates before you go to bed to mix 1 in 1 with salt before going to bed. One of the two enemies of immune-destroying viruses that settle and live in tooth decay and prepare the body for cancer is carbonated. You will sleep as much as you do in the morning, and the bacteria and viruses in your teeth will be cleaned thoroughly with effective cleaning of the carbonate and salt. It will also prevent odors in the mouth and teeth.

* As a result; vinegar, lemon and carbonates are natural products that you can use in your house for all kinds of cleaning and practicing, not just for yourself. We take care to use these products whenever possible; it is important both for your children and your health and for a living, breathing house.

Note: In the meantime, "implant" applications cause weakness of the immune system of the above mentioned viruses which are found in the root of the teeth, causing the person to lose their life from cancer for 6 months to 1 year. In developed countries, and especially in the US, these applications are very difficult and restricted. Therefore, we should stay away from opersyon with the jawbone.

* It is a human duty to announce this as much as possible. Our home is "implanted". The aim is TRADE, of course ... There is a drug that is the name that kills this virus, and the carbonate is very effective!

Professor Doctor Ayşe AKIN
Başkent University
Director of Center for Research on Women and Children's Health and Family Planning

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