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How can we work our brain better?
1- It is thought that the human brain works approximately 10% more while standing and in open air. If you are off-site while taking important decisions, you can try to get up and walk.

2- Walking arms while walking is positively affecting the performance of the brain. What do you think about taking your important decisions outdoors, with your arms shaking or walking?

3- Learning a foreign language strengthens the brain. Every day you can learn and use a few foreign or native words. You can read the dictionary. You can try to memorize of shoping lists or phone numbers.

4. Mental training. You can solve various puzzles for this. Play mind games like chess.

5- Get rid of your routine. Give up routines that you repeat. Sometimes hold the phone in your left hand. Carry your bag with your other hand. Go home from another road. Hold your television switch at least one day in your hands that you do not often use.

6- To improve your intellectual pleasures, always read a few sentences from a good aphorism antology every day. Feed your brain with quality words.

7- Try to look at a beautiful picture or photo every day. Aesthetics are developed as much as aesthetic things you see.

8- Listen to your eyes closed for a while you like music. It is claimed that brain authorities can add seven points to classical music intelligence.

9- Think about 60 thousand to 80 thousand ideas per day passes. These thoughts are about what happens, and your life is shaped for it. Remember, what you think most about your mind, you multiply it in your life.

10- When you think about a subject, observe how you think. Thinking about thinking increases brain and thought capacity.

11- Good sleep is a must for a good quality brain. Do not worry I'm too sleepy. It is known that Albert Einstein slept more than 10 hours a day. Insomnia lasting 24 hours has an effect similar to drunkenness in your brain.

12 - Rich and clean oxygen is very important for the brain. While our brain weighs 2% of our body weight, it consumes 25% of the oxygen coming from the body. When we are left without oxygen, death is our first organ. Open your window and let your brain get plenty of oxygen.

13- Different ways of thinking develop your brain. Spend more time with children and animals. Talk with people who think differently from you.

14- Unused organ blunt. Do not run your brains on a low stiletto by watching TV constantly.

15- The most dangerous part of the brain is that it works according to the "reverse effort" rule. Your head will bring you the one you fear the most! This is called a reverse effort rule. Even if the focus on the target is negative, it works to accomplish this. When I was speaking in front of the community, I said, "Am I excited?" If you think, you will be excited.

16- The brain is monotonous. The more you color your life, the cheerful your brain.

17- The brain can process five to seven short memories of memory. When a new piece of information arrives, it assigns one of these pieces of information. This is called "magic number". If this rule is exceeded and excessive information is loaded our brain will be "out of service". Calculate what you will do by typing on a piece of paper, just as you would do when you hit two digit groups of five figures, not "head" when you make the biggest decisions of your life.

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