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The Negative Side Effects of Soda on Your Oral Health
Most are simply concerned with the sugar found in regular soda and the extra pounds that sugar may add. However, even diet sodas can have negative side effects on our health. Both regular and diet sodas alike can greatly decrease oral health, and with most kids and adults reaching for sodas over water or milk, the number of those being affected is on the rise. The most common side effects of drinking too much soda include:

Loss of Tooth Enamel
Perhaps the worst side effect of drinking too much soda is the loss of tooth enamel. The sugar and high levels of acid found in sodas eat away at a tooth’s enamel and can soften it or erode it away completely leaving you at higher risk for cavities. Enamel is a tooth’s first line of defense and when it has eroded away, it can not be replaced.

Formation of Cavities
The sugar found in most soft drinks is a major cause of cavities among younger children and teens. Soda producers have long debated that the sugar used in sodas is in liquid form and therefore is less likely to stick to teeth, however, because of the weakened enamel caused by the acid found in sodas, the sugar is just as likely to stick to teeth and cause cavities.

Bad Breath
The acid in the soda also rids the mouth of most of its oxygen allowing bacteria to more easily grow. This bacteria can lead to tooth decay and is also likely to cause bad breath.

Tooth Loss
Because of the weakened enamel and likelihood of cavities that heavy soda drinking can cause, tooth loss is also more likely in those who drink soda regularly.

To avoid the damaging effects of soda, you should try to limit your soda consumption and should be sure to drink water after you drink soda to properly rinse any lingering sugar or acid left in your mouth. You should also make sure that you practice good oral hygiene habits by brushing and flossing at least twice a day. You don’t have to give up soda entirely to maintain great dental health. You simply need to drink it in moderation, and maintain positive oral hygiene habits.

The Negative Side Effects of Soda on Your Oral Hea

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