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Lo-Cal Living Linked to Reversing Type II Diabetes
Recent health studies performed by British researchers have led to evidence indicating type II diabetes isn't the "lifelong" illness most medical experts have always assumed it to be. Subjects at Newcastle University with type II diabetes were put onto extremely low calories diets - 600 calories consumed maximum each day - to see what kind of impact it might have on the pancreas's ability to produce insulin. It's the diabetic body's inability to generate insulin and therefore control blood glucose levels that leads to diabetes. The results were shocking to most people but no surprise to the researchers themselves.

Within three months - with the diet itself ending after two months - seven of the eleven subjects were free of diabetes. After just one week, morning blood sugar levels in all participants had already returned to normal. The results says a lot about the wrongness of the way we've been looking at diabetes for years and the ways in which we must relearn the science of the disease.

Professor Roy Taylor of Newcastle University and the head of the study, had figured as much might happen when he decided to conduct the research. He had noticed for years that diabetics who underwent stomach stapling and other surgeries where afterwards they were either forced to or felt like consuming thousands of calories less a week than before, were oftentimes miraculously cured of their affliction. Taylor guessed and seemingly correctly, that massive fat stores in the pancreas built from years of overeating and lack of exercise, had in a sense suffocated the pancreas's ability to manufacture insulin.

Taylor warns though that such a diet shouldn't be interpreted as a magic cure everyone suffering from type II diabetes should immediately attempt. 600-calorie diets are, according to Taylor, nearly impossible to successfully pull off, with a 1-5% chance of being maintained long term. Iain Frame, director of research at UK Diabetes, who funded the study, adds that such a diet should always be approved of by a physician.

Study subject and long term diabetes sufferer Gordon Parmley agreed that the diet was incredibly difficult. However Parmley was able to cease taking the diabetes medications he had been taking for years and is essentially cured of the affliction, which he considers completely worth it. Parmley is able to play golf again, something he wasn't able to do for years. It says a lot about the potential for healing even under circumstances where the experts consider your affliction as something that is “life long”.

Lo-Cal Living Linked to Reversing Type II Diabetes

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