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@healthy-living | 2 Apr 19 - 01:08

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?
While there have not been controlled medical studies to confirm this, electronic cigarettes are claimed to be safer than traditional cigarettes because you don’t inhale smoke. Electronic cigarettes are often vaporizers that vaporize a liquid solution into an aerosol mist, which you then inhale like a traditional cigarette. Many of the carcinogens associated with smoking cigarettes comes from the burning of tobacco, a step that is removed whenever you use an electronic cigarette. So while it’s not safer than not smoking, I would imagine that electronic cigarettes are safer than smoking traditional cigarettes because you aren’t burning tobacco.

That said, you are still smoking and your body is still absorbing nicotine and other chemicals in the vaporized liquid. Without careful controlled medical studies, we can’t possibly know the full extent of the effects but I’ve talked to people who have said that they were able to able to stop smoking with the use of electronic cigarettes, which is the stated primary purpose of electronic cigarettes. South Beach Smoke is just one company that makes electronic cigarettes and one that has been featured on MTV.

I'll write more about the pluses and minuses of electronic cigarettes in a future post.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe? While there have

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