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The Holistic Health of Eating Organic
There are many reasons why someone would choose to adhere to an organic regiment in their diet and lifestyle. Organic foods and products are healthier, they support local farmers, and they protect the environment and the Earth’s natural ecosystems. These are all important and they affect everyone on Earth, from children to politicians to animals. But there’s an additional reason why eating and living organic is important and it has to do with holistic well being - a component that is often over-looked, yet in many ways it is the most important. It is precisely the lack of comprehensive oversight that has allowed our world to get so out of hand in the first place. Here some of the ways holistic health plays into eating organic:

Eliminating the synthetic chemicals, hormones and pesticides from your meals is cleansing. Your body is a temple and when you don’t eat organic you litter it with chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, artificial GMO products and synthetic animal hormones. Hook yourself up to a blood monitoring system and see where your levels are at. You may be shocked at the effects the substances you put in your body are having on your long term health.

Protecting the planet will allow future generations of humans to enjoy life on Earth longer. Living sustainably, which is a hallmark of organic farming and manufacturing processes, is crucial in ensuring that the bounty of our planet will be around for our children and their children. The natural pristine environments we’ve been fortunate enough to inherit are being poisoned and ruined by carbon emissions. Eating organic supports sustainability and healthy environmental practices.

Supporting local farmers can be viewed as social and ecological justice. Supporting local farmers and organic farming practices supports economic equality, stewardship of the land, and cleansed, natural ecosystems, all of which are in keeping with a holistic planetary health. Using the resources of the Earth in the most efficient, fair way possible is what organic farming is all about. Organic farms protect us from genetically enhanced, synthetic chemicals; the least we can do is to support their efforts.

We have a responsibility as children of the Earth to keep our bodies and environments clean and healthy. The ability of future generations of humans to enjoy our planet and the glory of life on it depends on supporting more sustainable practices. We must begin to view the interactions between our actions, our health and the health of the ecosystems around us as part of an all-important holistic health.

The Holistic Health of Eating Organic There are m

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