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Nutrition Is A Growing Field Within The Health Care Sector
Due to the rising concern over diet and exercise and the increase of diet-related illnesses, nutrition experts are becoming more necessary than ever. This field is increasing in jobs right now, so it is a good one to enter if you are looking for a career that is enjoyable, satisfying, and well-paid.

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition
You can get a Bachelor’s in nutrition from many universities. They offer this program to provide students with helpful instruction revolving around chemistry, food, and physiology. You will be taught to study malnutrition and metabolism, and given some clinical practice. You can use your degree to get certified as a dietitian, but a Master’s degree may be required.

Master of Science in Nutrition
Do not stop after receiving your Bachelor’s degree; a Master of Science in Nutrition will offer you many more opportunities and more money. You may take courses in research, nutritional theory, and alternative medicine. Your coursework will better prepare you for advanced nutritional careers. Most importantly, you can get your dietitian license (RD) upon graduation and after completing an internship.

Salary for Nutritionists and Dietitians
As a nutritionist, you can expect to be paid upwards of $50,000. Some nutrition experts are paid as high as $78,000, as reported in the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These higher-paid experts may have a higher amount of education or experience. Careers in consultation for businesses, nutritional research, and education often make these larger, impressively high salaries.

After getting a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, you can become certified. First, you will need to complete an internship to give you experience within the field, and then you will have to pass an exam. After becoming certified, you will be considered a Registered Dietitian (RD) and be able to practice clinically in all states. In order to keep your registration, you may have to complete 75 hours of continuing education every five years.

Dietetic Internships
You many enter an internship after graduating with your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. These internships are based upon community health care and teaching future dietitians the skills necessary to provide the best possible care in disease intervention, health promotion, and fitness. This type of internship is necessary to receive a RD license. In addition, it is usually a full-time program that takes less than a year to fulfill.

Career Outlook for Dietitians and Nutritionists
The Bureau of Labor Statistics has a positive outlook for dietetic careers. Jobs in the area may grow about nine percent due to the increased desire for qualified nutrition experts in hospitals, adult homes, and in education. We need these experts to care for our aging parents, our diet-related illnesses, and to have an impact on public policy regarding nutrition.

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Nutrition Is A Growing Field Within The Health Car

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