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How is breast cancer diagnosed?
The discovery of an abnormal finding or a lump or other breast changes in a screening mammogram does not necessarily mean that you have breast cancer.

First, your doctor will need to perform follow-up tests using one or more screening methods. A diagnostic mammogram containing more X-rays than a scan mammogram may provide a more detailed view of the area concerned. The other two tests, a breast MRI or a chest ultrasonogram can be ordered to collect additional diagnostic information.

There is only one way to verify the diagnosis of cancer. You need to have a biopsy to remove the cells or tissues that cause concern from the area where the mammal is located. A thin needle can be used to remove the cells or tissues, or you can go through the surgical procedure to remove a piece of breast tissue.

A pathologist uses these specimens to look at the cancer under a microscope and can perform additional tests on the tissue specimen. Pathology findings can confirm whether you have breast cancer and whether you are likely to beat it - your prognosis. This information can help your medical team (your doctor, surgeon, radiologist and other providers) determine the best way of treatment.
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