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How does sore throat pass? What is good for sore throat?
Almost everybody in your life has experienced sore throat once in a while. Especially in the nights of growing aches and pains that can not stop depending on the place, our night can be destroyed.
Sore throat and severe coughs should definitely go to a doctor. But we have always written this article for those who do not have a chance to go to the doctor, those who live in the village, or those who cough after the weekend.
It should not be forgotten that sore throat may have many reasons. Infection, inflammation, irritation, swelling due to cold consumption etc ...

1. Drink plenty of water
The first and most important recommendation would be water consumption. Be sure to consume plenty of water between sessions if you are going to do all the other options below. A large part of our body consists of water and defeats itself with water.

2. Consume salty hot water and gargle
For a glass of hot water (not too hot, slightly more than a bit of warmth), stir in half a teaspoon salt and mix. This can help calm the sore throat and break up the secretions. It is also known to help kill bacteria in the throat. It should be done every 3 hours to keep the throat clean.

3. Consume honey
It is a good home remedy for honey sore throat mixed with tea or just consumed. In a research that has been done, the result is that honey stops coughing at night as effectively as artificial cough suppressors.

4. Relief dust and salt water
Gargling with salt water is often used, but adding some relief to help with sore throat can help. This method can also kill bacterias and prevent the growth of yeast and fungi.
Add a cup of warm water to a quarter teaspoon salt and a quarter teaspoon of carbonate.

5. Eat the mint
Mint has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties that can promote healing and contains menthol, which will help with sore throat and cough. There is also breathing relief.
Diluted mint oil spray can relieve sore throat. Fresh mint at home can be consumed as raw.

6. For chamomile tea
Daisy tea is a good natural soothing. Long periods of time have been used to soothe throat pain. It is usually used for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Some studies have shown that chamomile diarrhea helps reduce colds, including sore throats, and relieves cold symptoms.

7. Use of liquorice in throat pain
Liquorice is also used for the treatment of sore throat for a long time. As a result of recent researches, it has been shown that liquorice mixed with water and gargle can be a solution to throat pain.
But bear in mind that it is not recommended for pregnancy!

8. Use apple cider to sore throat
As in many areas, my apple syrup is running in the throat pain. Antibacterial apple cirrus has been shown to have antimicrobial effects in fighting infections in many studies. Due to the acidic structure, it can be used to disintegrate the mucus in the throat and prevent the spread of bacteria.
Add 1 to 2 tablespoons apple juice to a cup of water and mix and gargle with it. Do this every hour.

9. An antibacterial miracle in garlic
Garlic is also one of the best known antibacterial nutrients. It contains allisin, a known organosulfur compound that can fight infections.
Studies have shown that taking garlic supplements regularly can help prevent colds. We should not remove garlic from our lives because it is not consumed very much because of the bad breath. Whether it is to be eaten or consumed as raw at least once a week.

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