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What are the benefits of spices? What spice is good for what?
The spices make the food taste better, but on the other hand it is very beneficial for health. Especially protect us against diabetes, heart disease, alzheimer and cancer. Antioxidants protect the body against harmful substances and prevent disease formation. The antioxidant values ​​of spices and plants are much higher than some vegetables and fruits.

Dry spices and herbs should be used for at least 1 year after first use, otherwise the biological activity is reduced and toxic substances are formed.

The storage conditions of spices are also very important, they should be kept away from damp environments and closed containers, which should not be exposed to sunlight.

What are the benefits of cinnamon? Why should we consume cinnamon?
Consuming cinnamon reduces the risk of diarrhea and other disease symptoms. At the same time, cinnamon also reduces the fat content of foods you buy. Consuming cinnamon alone can be a bit difficult, so it can be consumed comfortably by joining other foods we eat in daily use.

What are the benefits of garlic? Why should we consume garlic?
For centuries, garlic has been used to cure allergies, lower high cholesterol levels, maintain calvin health and reduce heart rate while at the same time increasing body temperature with vascular strengthening. It is one of the foods that must be consumed every week.

What are the benefits of ginger? Why should ginger be consumed?
Ginger is a good preservative against cancer. It is the most effective natural pain reliever especially for muscle pain. It prevents vascular occlusion, cleans blood, regulates heart rate, lowers high cholesterol levels, prevents blood clotting, but the amount of use is very important. It strengthens the memory, so it protects against alzheimer. It is also useful for stomach acne.

What are the benefits of basil? Why should we eat basil?
Because of the high magnesium, the blood circulation improves and protects the heart. Also rich in flavonoids, basil has a reduction in cellular structure in patients with arthritis and inflammatory problems.

What are the benefits of Babylon? Why should we consume rosemary?
Rosemary is an important antioxidant for brain health. Fight against Alzheimer, strengthen memory, good forgottenness.

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