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Benefits of eating mulberry
When the mulberry season comes, it is necessary to write an informative and appetizing article about it. At the same time we will inform you that the mulberry season has arrived.

Although we do encounter apples and pears very often in grocery stores and grocery stores, it is a taste we want to drink and dilute our mouths.

As with every fruit and vegetable, mulberries are freshly eaten fresh in the season with white, red, black, even sweet and sour, and it is not possible to find all seasons like other fruits and vegetables. So it should not be missed the moment it is found.

Especially in the suburbs or in the garden places, eating from the aisles that sit on the roadside and put them in the freshly wrapped plastic containers that they collect from the trees gives a different taste.

If there is no tazee, it is possible to find dry mulberry in dry food or such. It helps nutrients and those who want to eat mulberries in the winter season a little more, even though it is not as tazee.
Of course, it is useful to be careful not to get worms when you take dry mulberries, because there is a chance that if you stay outdoors in the drying phase and are not taken from a meticulous place, you will be wormed.

Let us now list a few important benefits of the healing that is healing many diseases:
1. It is a powerful antioxidant source. Combine the harmful microorganisms and carcinogens in your body with the vitamin C you have in it.

2. White mulberry reduces intestinal worms if consumed on an empty stomach.

3. Thanks to the iron it contains, your body needs iron and it increases the formation of red blood cells.

4. Mulberry, rich in calcium and iron, plays a role in the preservation of bone tissue.

5. Reduces bad cholesterol and helps to protect heart and vascular health.

6. Black mulberry, throat bulge, flowers and measles diseases come to the healing.

7. Sour mulberry can be eaten by chewing to help heal the wounds in the mouth (aft).

How else can the mulberry be consumed?
Like every fruit, it is pleasant to consume fresh and fresh, but you can consume it as a mulberry molasses, as a mulberry soup or as a mulberry berry when you are not particularly seasoned. Or, as we have mentioned above, you can consume it as a dry mulberry.

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