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What is mineral water? Should we consume the mineral water regularly?
The mineral waters we buy and consume from groceries or supermarkets are natural waters that are naturally extracted from underground. These waters are found in the deepest layers of the earth, and the gases that accumulate under the ground rise to the earth by the pressure of the earth. During this ascent, the minerals found in the soil also enter the earth and become mineral water rich in healing water. It accumulates underground in certain regions where the facilities are sufficient and is filled in bottles after being removed by various methods and passed through certain operations. With its acid structure, it also helps the digestive system when consumed after meals and helps to relieve the stomach bloating after the meal and the abdominal pain caused by them.

How often should mineral water be consumed?
The minerals that you have in it and that you take from the earth underground are made up of the minerals that people should buy daily. We eat a large part of the daily food we need to get from food and other nutrients, but full support with mineral waters will give a positive result for health. It will be helpful to drink a bottle of mineral water, especially when you can not eat a high-nutrient meal.
It is highly recommended to consume at least 1 bottle of mineral water per day. If it is possible, it is recommended to consume 2 bottles a day, after one lunch and one after dinner.

What is the difference between mineral water and soda?
It is not exactly the case that many people feel that mineral water and sodan are the same thing. If you have already taken a mineral water and a soda and looked at the bottles, you will see a remarkable detail.
When he writes "Natural mineral water" in mineral water, he writes more in Sodalard as "Vitamin water".

What is soda? Should we consume soda regularly?
As we mentioned above, the mineral waters are completely natural and the sodas are completely man made / artificial products while they are formed underground.
Soda is formed when you add carbon dioxide to the tap water. Sodan's aim is to relieve the post-meal owing to its acid structure.
On the other hand, mineral water is rich and natural in mineral terms.
The license for mineral water is taken from the "ministry of health" and the sodan is licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Therefore, mineral water is recommended instead of soda if it is recommended. In the absence of mineral water, soda can also be consumed to relieve stomach after meals.

What minerals are contained in the mineral water?
Mineral waters generally contain calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, fluoride, sulphate and bicarbonate, as well as many minerals such as iron, copper and zinc.

What are the benefits of mineral water?
If we are going to get into the subject with a summary, "Mineral water does not end with counting the benefits." We can say.
- It facilitates digestion after meals and relaxes the midi.
- Spaciousness, opens intelligence (increases mental alertness).
- Reduce dementia, forgetfulness, Alzheimer's effects.
- Supports mother and baby mineral requirement in case of pregnancy.
- Helps the body recover faster in case of illness.
- Reduced stress thanks to its refreshing properties.

Recommendation: 2 bottles a day should be consumed cold...

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