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There are a few reasons why you should eat quince...
Quince, like other fruit, is one of the best quality fruits of winter months. It contains a lot of vitamins useful for human health. Now, let's read a few reasons why we should not have to sleep.

Why should we consume quince?
1. In order to get rid of the wound in the mouth and the inflammation in the throat, the syrup obtained by holding the dried ayvan in the water can be used as mouthwash.

2. Quince consumption, kidney weakness, liver weakness, nausea, stomach weakness, stomach ulcer, seasickness, stomach looseness and stomach falls well.

3. Quince water is very effective to sweat the body, to excrete the toxins in the body and to open the body pores.

4. Very effective against influenza and colds. It gives resistance. Reduces blood pressure, improves bile.

5. To facilitate birth, quince water and quince kernel can be boiled and drunk.

6. Quince water plays an appetite, improving kidney and urinary tract inflammation.

7. Quince water prevents excessive menstrual bleeding, cuts intestinal bleeding, is useful against dysentery.

8. Diabetic leaf is boiled and drunk, it has diarrhea cutting ability.

9. Quince good, good for mouth sores and lungs. It prevents the mouth from salivating while sleeping at night.

10. Quince is good to have. It prevents fatigue and fatigue. If the quince flower is boiled and drunk, it cuts off the heart striking, strengthens the heart, increases the size of your mother.

11. Increase sexual desire.

12. Jam made from fruit is good for digestive system disorders.

13. Syrups and composters prepared from Ayvan fruids are very effective against child diarrhea.

Quince, which is very useful, can be consumed as fruit, whether it is jam or compote...


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