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Things to watch out for when brushing teeth
1. How do tooth decay occur?
Brushing teeth is a must for healthy teeth. The foods we consume during the day are accumulated on the teeth or between the teeth and soon become acid and these acids damage the plate that protects the teeth causing the teeth to worn over time and in the pits opened due to the progress of the wear and tear of bacteria and deep food bruises. As a result, these bruises go all the way to the tooth root and cause pain.

2. How many times a day do we brush our teeth?
The answer to this question is that you will brush 3 times a day in general, depending on your eating habits. After breakfast in the morning, before lunch after dinner and after dinner.

3. Should I use a dental floss?
We said that the food waste accumulated between the teeth. You need to use dental floss for your teeth. While the toothbrushes can clean the front teeth, the back teeth are inadequate. Therefore, the use of floss is a necessary and inevitable situation.

4. How should the teeth brush?
When it comes to brushing, it's not a good idea to fill the toothbrush with putty, as it appears in the ads. Because there are many chemicals in the toothpastes that cause more damage like fluoride, and when they are taken too much, they can damage our bodies and especially our teeth. It is more than enough for the size of the chickpea to bubble some of our teeth and get the remains on it. After teeth have been brushed and sponge has been spitted, cleaned and washed toothbrushes can be used to clean the toothpaste chemistry. And certainly toothpastes should not be swallowed.

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